BioBase Troubleshooting Lowrance Sonar and GPS Source

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Too commonly we get files uploaded from customers that had either no sonar information or no GPS location in the file. This is typically due to some unit malfunction or user oversight of a disabled setting. If there is no GPS position or no sonar depth in the file, not surprisingly BioBase cannot create a map.  Here we show some of the most common troubleshooting tips and tricks that will help you diagnose common issues with newer generation Lowrance and get you back to BioBasing on the water.

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Replay, Review, and Re-record Your Trip with the Lowrance Simulator Tool

Updated June 2023

Have you ever wanted to view your BioBase EcoSound trip in even more detail? The trip simulator feature available on Lowrance sonar units is a great way to take a closer look at your trip for troubleshooting, or just to identify areas of interest for your next field day. First thing we recommend you do is to purchase an AC to DC power converter so you can run your Lowrance on a work bench or desk. That’s a lot easier than running off of a 12 volt battery that you’ll have to continually recharge. Once you get your unit’s power supply, we’ll walk you through how to view and replay your previously recorded sonar log in simulator on your Lowrance (it works on Simrad too).

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