New BioBase Website and Mapping Dashboard


At BioBase, ease of use, organization, and user experience are top priorities.  We recognized that our old site wasn’t the best it could be, so over the last few months the website and dashboard have been rebuilt from scratch.  We’ve listened to all the questions our customers had and attempted to incorporate all of these into the new dashboard.   The result is a sleek, user friendly dashboard with a great user experience.  It’s fast and has the features to sort, organize, and use the important data you upload to your account for automated processing.  Now you can maximize your BioBase experience!

New features include:

  • Tagging – You are now able to add descriptive tags to each of your trips for better sorting
  • Improved Search Capabilities – search all categories generally by user last name, lakes, and even tags
  • Collapsing Trip Organization by Lake – Trips are categorized by lake in the dashboard and only loaded when you want them
  • Trip Track Quick View – Each trip in the dashboard provides a snapshot of where your track is on the water body for quickly identifying a survey area
  • Sort by Date – Trips can be filtered by date range so you’re only looking at the trips you want to see
  • Advanced Searching – This feature will allow you to sort by a specific category like file name, tags or water bodies
  • Support Tab – Many of the methods that we blog about are now available as PDFs and step-by-step Powerpoint documents in your account
  • Trip Support Request – Quick boxes within each trip allow you to communicate your questions directly to QC experts for a specific file or merge
  • Overall cleaner look for a better user experience!

This dashboard should be much easier to use and was designed so the things you are looking for are right where they should be.  We’re always interested in hearing from you so please log into your account and check out!  Let us know what you think and if you have questions about any of the new, powerful features

Author: biobasemaps

BioBase is a cloud platform for the automated mapping of aquatic habitats (lakes, rivers, ponds, coasts). Standard algorithms process sonar datafiles (EcoSound) and high resolution satellite imagery (EcoSat). Depth and vegetation maps and data reports are rapidly created and stored in a private cloud account for analysis, and sharing. This blog highlights a range of internal and external research, frequently asked questions, feature descriptions and highlights, tips and tricks, and photo galleries.

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