Contour Innovations Launches NGIN Websites for Lake Associations

Contour Innovations is excited to announce the release of a new web service called NGIN (pronounced “Engine’) developed to provide powerful website tools for lake home owner associations.  The NGIN platform provides powerful tools and features to help increase membership and revenue for your association, keep the community informed about upcoming events and management efforts, and display your BioBase maps through a public or private interface.

Paradise Lake Improvement Board’s NGIN Site
These are more than just great websites!  NGIN websites are a robust platform featuring a suite of timesaving tools that empower lake associations to connect with lake enthusiats and stakeholders like never before.  We can help you increase membership and get the word out about your association!

Lake NGIN is easy to manage and cheaper than one member’s cell phone plan!

The Lake CI NGIN website is a sample site set up by Contour Innovations (CI) to demonstrate the power of our Lake NGIN wesite product.

By keeping everyone in the community and around the lake informed about meetings, management efforts, and upcoming events NGIN can help you increase membership and revenue from dues and contributions.  Once everyone sees how much you care you’ll quickly see an increase in participation.  One of the most exciting features of the NGIN site is the seamless integration of BioBase lake maps.

Seamless BioBase Map Integration:  It’s quick and easy to show off the work your board and volunteers have done to monitor change in aquatic vegetation in your lake.  If you decide to make your maps public, anglers can have access to full lake maps to help them improve their odds of catching fish and falling in love with your lake.  Another option is to keep maps private for members who register on your NGIN website or pay premium dues for association membership.  This is a great way to drive revenues to help fund your management and monitoring efforts.

Add board minutes in seconds and integrate with social media like Facebook and Twitter with ease.  Ask us how we can help with your associations website needs.  We’ve got lots of cool ideas! Contact us at

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BioBase is a cloud platform for the automated mapping of aquatic habitats (lakes, rivers, ponds, coasts). Standard algorithms process sonar datafiles (EcoSound) and high resolution satellite imagery (EcoSat). Depth and vegetation maps and data reports are rapidly created and stored in a private cloud account for analysis, and sharing. This blog highlights a range of internal and external research, frequently asked questions, feature descriptions and highlights, tips and tricks, and photo galleries.

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