BioBase HMTL5 Adds Tablet Compatibility!

Use BioBase on your iPad in the field!

We’re excited to announce the release of a non-Silverlight, HTML5 viewer to BioBase users.  You can now use the new HTML5 view by clicking the recently added BETA View trip viewer.  BioBase output and maps can now be analyzed and reviewed on computers, mobile phones, and tablets.**

The upgrade will allow users to access BioBase map layers and data on tablets from their research boats.*  By enabling location services, BioBase users can lay their current location over the BioBase map. 

Silverlight view will still be available.  Significantly expanding access to BioBase, the service’s new HTML5 architecture creates new and convenient ways for fisheries biologists, aquatic researchers, pond managers, aquatic invasive species managers and others to access detailed reports and maps to track water depths, vegetation-abundance changes, bottom hardness and many other critical factors that help them manage water quality and habitats from the field.

*Mobile tablet use depends on availability of a wi-fi signal

**The GIS polygon management feature will still require a Silverlight viewer on a Mac or PC. More information here: [GIS Polygon Management Blog]

Author: biobasemaps

BioBase is a cloud platform for the automated mapping of aquatic habitats (lakes, rivers, ponds, coasts). Standard algorithms process sonar datafiles (EcoSound) and high resolution satellite imagery (EcoSat). Depth and vegetation maps and data reports are rapidly created and stored in a private cloud account for analysis, and sharing. This blog highlights a range of internal and external research, frequently asked questions, feature descriptions and highlights, tips and tricks, and photo galleries.

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